CCD-Religious Education


If you enrolled your students online last year, you will receive an email with enrollment instructions on Tue 9/5/2023.  If you don’t receive this email please contact us at


St. Raphael Religious Education Registration for the 2023-2024 school year.

To Parents/or Legal Guardians,

As we begin this new year of religious education, please be assured that as pastor, I, along with members of the Parish Pastoral Council and all the Catechists in our Parish Schools of Religion (PSR) Program are dedicated to helping your child grow in faith closer to God.  As parents, you are the primary educators of your children.  Your children learn from the example you set, such as when you pray together and actively participate in Mass as a family. I, along with members of Religious Education Committee have set some guidelines that will pertain to you, as parents that you and your child should follow,

  1. If your child is enrolled in the sacramental classes of First Holy Communion and Confirmation you are required to attend a parent meeting.  A notice of further information will be sent home with your child.
  2. All parents are strongly encouraged to accompany your child to Mass on weekends and Holy Days.
  3. Your child should receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) at least twice a year; especially during Lent and Advent season.  
  4. We strongly encourage you to pray with your child daily.
  5. Be sure your child attends all CCD classes and arrive on time. Your child must not miss more than 3 classes without good reason; especially if your child is in First Holy Communion and Confirmation classes.
  6. We reserve the right to remove your child from CCD classes if the child displays a disrespectful manner.


St. Raphael Religious Education program exists to supplement the religious education that children receive at home from their parents, their primary educators in the Catholic faith. This is a right that God himself has given to parents and should not be usurped by anyone.
An essential part of a child’s Religious Education is regular Sunday Mass attendance. All parents are strongly encouraged to accompany their child/children to Mass on weekends and Holy Days. I promise to take my family to Mass regularly.
There will be a suggested $10/student Enrollment Fee. For 3 or more students the fee will be $25. These fees will help the church off-set the cost of internet access, paper, supplies, etc. If you would like to help with these costs, payment can be collected after you hit Submit below. You may still register your student without payment. We appreciate any help you can offer. God Bless!



After hitting submit it will take you to a form to complete registration. You do not have to answer the health question about immunizations. We aren't able to remove it from the form but it is not required.